The Paling Spirit

Doubting your calibre,
Will not be a firm move on your part.
Every moment may not be favourable,
But it does not mean you are not able.
If they cannot see your potential,
It is not your tension.
You have earned yourself,
So, never lose your spirit because of the ignorant beings.
The pace of time may not match with the pace of your efforts,
But you need to keep on working.
Let not the chaos of outer world,
Peal off your inner peace and leave your spirit frail.


  1. हर कदम पर कॉटे विछे हुए है/
    जख्मो की परवाह नही//
    जख्म चाहे कितने ही गहरे क्यो न हो ,आगे बढ़ते रहेगे/
    हमे कॉटो की परवाह नही//(दोस्त वनोगे मेरे विना किसी लोभ के)

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