Free Your Mind

Free your mind,
Or you may be slaved by the words of society.
People can chain you physically without your consent,
But poor people, they can never chain your mind without your permission.
Built your mind with the willpower you possess
And never let the negative thoughts of people become your setback.
Hold yourself closer to your soul,
And promise yourself to do what you wish to do in life.
Don’t be a victim of gossips and grape wines,
Learn to avoid them with a light humorous cheer.
The society is here to shackle you through their words and constant remarks,
But your duty is to keep your inner voice alive through your relentless deeds.
Own your sufferings and shines,
And don’t let the shallow talks of others hinder you from growing in your life.
God won’t be pleased to hear that you are a pawn in the hands of society,
Don’t let your creator feel bad for producing a pawn and not a tighter.
You have time,
Don’t be a prey to the crude words of society, rather free your mind.

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